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BitStamp login Guide for newcomers

Taking a closer look at the cryptocurrency exchange that you are going to use is one thing that you must do beforehand. This will help you ensure that you are investing through a safe and secure crypto exchange. As a matter of fact, we shall take a look at the background details of Bitstamp so that you get to know this exchange better. After that, we'll learn the BitStamp sign and Bitstamp login process.

What is BitStamp?

Based in Luxembourg, Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange that comes with a wide range of features making your crypto trading journey smoother. If you were on the lookout for a crypto exchange that comes with dynamic features, a simple user interface and is highly secure, then BitStamp could be a perfect choice for you.

Currently, the platform is fulfilling the crypto trading requirements of around 3 million people globally. In addition to that, it turns out to be a regulated exchange in the EU and USA. Most importantly, this crypto exchange can be easily operated on iOS and Android devices. Funding your accounts after Bitstamp login is easy because you can choose from payment methods such as Credit & Debit Cards, Wire Transfers, and SEPA.

Bitstamp sign-up process

  1. Here is what the process looks like:

  2. Select the “Register” button on the Bitstamp website

  3. Then, you must enter some details such as:

  • Enter your email address

  • First name and Last name

  1. And then, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

  2. Check your email inbox and do as prompted

  3. Enter your new BitStamp Login® password

  4. Get verified by completing the verification process

  5. Enter some more of your info

  6. Upload documents that are asked on the platform

  7. Enable extra security by turning on 2FA

That's all!!!

Steps to log into a BitStamp Account

For signing into your Bitstamp account, you can follow the steps that are listed below, but make sure that you provide the correct login credentials for accessing your account:

  1. Head to and select "Log In"

  2. Provide your registered email address on the login portal

  3. You can also type your User ID on the platform

  4. Thereafter, type the login password in the given box

  5. Hit the "Login" button to finally access your account


For a quick Bitstamp login, you can either follow the process given above or you can also jump directly to If you ever come across any Bitstamp login issues, make sure that the provided login credentials are correct and up-to-date. You can also check the network on your device.


  1. What is an invalid authentication code in Bitstamp?

You get the incorrect authentication error code when the time/date on your device is not in sync with the Bitstamp servers. So, make sure that the time and date on your device are correct before you go ahead with the Bitstamp login process.

  1. Is Bitstamp still working?

Yes, Bitstamp is currently operational in all the countries in which it was operational beforehand. Users can trade through fiat and crypto 24/7 and you can easily trade USD pairs.

  1. How to enable 2FA for Bitstamp login?

By enabling 2FA on your Bitstamp account, you can easily improve the security of your Bitstamp account. To do so, you must install the Google Authenticator app on your device. Go to the settings menu of your Bitstamp account, and enable 2FA. Now, get your authentication key and use it on the authenticator app.

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